I'm not at all flexible is yoga something for me?

Yes! Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, fitness, flexibility etc. Building more flexibility can just be a reason for starting yoga. If you don’t do anything about it, nothing changes.


How often should I do yoga to notice the effects?

Every amount of yoga is better than no yoga. To make a real difference and to make progress, we recommend to take 2 to 3 classes per week.


What do I wear and what do I need?

Put on easy-wearing sportswear. Yoga practice is with bare feet. Your shoes may be placed upon entry, in the closet. Jewelry that may distract yout, please leave at home. Also your watch, let go of time for a bit.

You need a yoga mat. There are mats in the studio that you can use. After each class, they must be cleaned with the provided cloths. From a hygienic point of view, it is better for yourself and others to buy your own mat in the long run. We can also order a mat for you. A towel is also nice if you are sweaty.

Drink (water) before and after class, so rather not during.


Is there a changing room ?

There is a spacious bath room and a small dressing room, where you can change clothes.


Which classes are suitable for beginners?

See what you interest you and discuss with the teacher what best for you while filling out the application form. Good beginner classes include: slow flow or the vinyasa (all levels), yin or restorative, breathwork . All depending on your physical condition. Try different classes to see what's right for you.


What can I expect from a class?

Each class is different, and each teacher has his or her own style of teaching. A definite fact is that the lesson begins with a moment of silence / meditation. If you need to leave unexpectedly, wait until meditation is over, then leave as quietly as possible. Depending on each class, you will move in a dynamic or more static way, through the postures (asanas). Your breath is leading the movement. The structure of the class will vary by style, teacher and level. Each class ends with a final relaxation or meditation.


Which classes are dynamic?

The majority of lessons are dynamic. Yin yoga and restorative yoga are more static lessons. In the class descriptions you can read what the content of the class is. This way you can see which style suits you best.


I do not understand some poses and find it difficult to follow along?

You can always come to the teacher before or after class and ask if he / she will assist you. For each posture there is an adjustment so that everybody can come along on his / her own level.


What about the breath?

During the practice, you breathe in and out through your nose, not through the mouth unless otherwise indicated. An old saying in the yoga is: "breathe with your nose, eat with your mouth". When you improve your practice, you will notice that you are breathing longer and deeper, and you will experience the deeper effects.


I'm pregnant, what classes are suitable for me?

If you have a minimum of one year of a regular practice, you can do your own adjustments in class, which you usually take. It is advisable to take it easy during the 1st trimester of your pregnancy. Always inform the teacher, because there are a number of poses that you are not advised to do. It is not advisable to enter one of the dynamic classes if you no experience with yoga. We also offer yoga classes for pregnancy. Here you do not need any experience. However, consult with your midwife or doctor before starting yoga.



It is advisable to do everything at a slower pace during the first three days of your menstruation cycle. Inversions (inverted poses) are not recommended. During this period, choose a quiet class if you normally take more dynamic classes.


I have an injury, can I still join?

That depends on the injury. Ask the teacher  prior to the class. Do you want to keep it personal? Then contact the teacher to discuss your injuries, illness and / or limitations. The teacher will keep an eye on you during the lesson, but we are not doctors.


Do I have to register for a class?

When you attend a single class, if you want to attend a workshop, and when you come for the first time, sign up! In the last case, come ten minutes earlier so that we can meet and talk some things through.