Yoga during pregnancy is extremely valuable, not just in preparation for birth but it also to feel better in your body during pregnancy and to deal with any discomforts that may occur. Its doesn’t matter whether you're new to yoga or are a more experienced yogini.

During the classes we focus on meditation, breathing and especially movement. Poses that help you to keep the muscles that support your baby strong and supple, in preparation for your childbirth and the period thereafter. In short, focused on your pregnant and changing body. Not just focussing on the body but also the mental part: rest and relaxation. Very important in preparation for your childbirth (and post birth!) And let's not forget: feeling connected with your growing miracle in your belly!

A safe place, your moment of the week, to connect with yourself and your baby.




This class is for all newborn mommies. It is designed to target specific areas that 'suffered' from pregnancy and giving birth. Focussing on etting your strength back and relax  or stretch those areas that are heavily used due to breastfeeding and carrying your baby.

You can bring your baby from 6 weeks onwards (till crawling)

A great  and fun way to get back in to shape and connect to other moms!