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The studio

The studio is located right in the heart of Scheveningen. Our inviting studio, located in a former milk factory, is very spacious with a cozy personal atmosphere that will make you feel right at home!

 Upon entry there is enough space to place your belongings. The studio has a space to hang out and relax and to have a cup of tea. There is a toilet and changing room.

 The yoga room itself (100m2) is a beautiful space with a tropical (heated) wooden floor and ceiling fan that gives you the impression that you are in the tropics. There are mats, bolsters, belts, blocks and blankets present.


Are you looking for a space to have a workshop, business lunch, lesson or massage? Our studio is also available for rent. Please note that his only applies to hours outside of when classes are scheduled.          

 For questions about rental of the studio mail to:


History of the property

The 's-Gravenhaagsche Melkinricht De Sierkan was a dairy factory in The Hague. It was a functioning milk factory for over eighty years, from its foundation in 1879 to the acquisition of the Co-operative Milk Central (CMC) in 1961.

As Scheveningen and The Hague grew, more and more milk was needed. In the year of establishment, De Sierkan processed 900 000 liters of milk. Fifty years later, there were more than 50 distribution points and 37,000,000 litres were processed. One of the most important distribution points was the Sierkan in the Maaswijkstraat.