Yogaseads originated from our own path. And that didn’t always unfold its own.

We were not born meditating and have not always been able to put our leg behind our neck (and some of us still can’t)

But yoga did make us a better person. It helped us to be more relaxed, enjoy and flow with the rhythm of life. It helps us create more balance in our daily lives, seeing things more clear, we’ve become more open to other people and the people around us. And it makes us physically stronger and more flexible and we feel comfortable in our bodies. We are all following our own paths and are still on our way.


Yoga is not so much about being able to touch your toes with your nose, but about what you learn along the way. You’ll be confronted with your inner self.  Whether you’re in a sweaty vinyasa class or in stillness during a of a yin or breath work class: 'Its about the journey ...'

Our mission is to share with you as much of our knowledge as possible, you decide what you take with you and what you leave behind. We therefore pick our teachers with great care, pour a lot of love in our studio space so you can fully play, explore what yoga can do for you and become the best version of yourself!